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Geissler Mountain

Northeast Peak
June 31, 1996
White River National Forest
Hunter Fryingpan Wilderness
Starting Elevation:
11,5XX feet ?
Highest Elevation:
13,280 feet
Distance (round trip):
~ 4 miles?
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This hike begins just west of Independence Pass at the trailhead to Linkins Lake and Independence Lake. We followed the trail up through a high valley above tree line to Independence Lake where Tommy and I turned northwest to climb the face of the mountain (an additional 500 feet straight up - good rock/good footing). The high country was just opening up at this time of the year as the snow had melted enough for foot access.

Steve, admiring the view. Steve, admiring the view.
From the summit we could see the back side of Mount Elbert (the highest point in Colorado) and Mount Massive to the East, several beautiful valleys in the Hunter Fryingpan Wilderness to the north, the Elk Mountain range to the west and Huron Peak and the Collegiate Peaks to the south and southeast.

Our trip down was especially fun as we took advantage of a large, firm, homogeneous snowfield for our descent (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.......). We arrived back at the lake to meet up with Angeline and followed the trail back to the car.

Due to the season the Roaring Fork River (creek) was high and crossing it proved to be a (minimal) challenge. Without going in to details I will let you know that just after crossing the Roaring Fork, my day pack somehow slid down the bank of the river and went for a short but wild ride. Luckily, I was just downstream from this event and was able to jump knee-deep into the river to save my backpack similar to the way a shortstop fields a grounder. Just about everything stayed dry but I did lose my Aspen Highlands ballcap which at the time I lost it, was attached to a carabiner on the outside of my pack.

If you find my hat anywhere downstream (Roaring Fork River, Colorado River or the Pacific Ocean), please send me a note so that I may reclaim it. (Yeah, right!)
Along on this hike with me: Tommy and Angeline.