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Some have wondered if I've been keeping up my hiking since there haven't been many trip reports or photo essays added in the last couple of years. Of course, I've been feeling a little guilty since this site gets so much traffic and due to all of the complimentary email I have received. To make up for this, I've made photos available from all my hikes that haven't yet made it on to the site.
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Some of the photos are the originals, not tweeked or cropped in any manner. A few others are all-but set to go up on the site. Therefore you will encounter some larger file sizes and some images as small as thumbnails. The organization is also not what you're used to here on this site as you will be browsing through various directories, but go ahead and surf around a bit. You just might be suprised what you'll find!
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The link will take you to another server and should open in a new browser window. There are no links back to this site from that server. To return to this server/site, just close the new browser window - the one with the directories/pics.

Of course, all images residing on the site are the property of Steve Fry and/or IR3W Web Services, � 1996 - 2005.