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Grizzly Peak

July 14, 1996, August, 1995
White River National Forest
Also Arapaho National Forest
Starting Elevation:
11,992 feet
Highest Elevation:
13,427 feet
Distance (round trip):
~ 7 miles
This hike began at Loveland Pass which gave us an excellent head start on elevation. We headed east following the ridge of the Continental Divide as it turned south-southeast. The hike to the base of Grizzly includes several miles and about a thousand feet or so of up and down (at elevation). The final pitch of Grizzly is a steep, well used trail which switches back and forth along a west or northwest ridge. This area is Mountain Goat country and upon closer inspection we found scattered throughout winter wool which the goats had shed for the summer.

Here the views include A-Basin Ski Area to the west, the Continental Divide to the northwest, Grays Peak and Torreys Peak to the east and many more mountains to the south.

After relaxing on top for a while we followed the trail back down to the base of the peak and then decided on a direct route to the valley below us and to the west near the A-Basin ski area and the road. Once back at the road we hitch-hiked back to the car at the top of Loveland Pass.

This is what I consider an very accessible hike to Denver as it only takes about an hour to reach the trailhead at Loveland Pass.
Along on this hike with me: Bernie.